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Dev update 10/19/2017

Here is a short video update on Tezos development in the past week. Beware, this was largely improvised and the sound quality is not good. Please bear with us, we...

The Path Forward

A letter from Arthur & Kathleen Breitman to the Tezos community.

A quick tour of the Tezos code base, and the state of its development

This post is an attempt to give a tour of the Tezos code base and its state of development. All of the functionality described in the whitepaper has been implemented...

“There is no need for hard forks”

But there will be hard-forks nonetheless

Scaling Tezos

In which we do not pursue sharding as a scaling technique

diff 2014/tezos 2017/tezos

tl;dr: * We made a some tweaks to the three year old white paper. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a list