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diff 2014/tezos 2017/tezos

tl;dr: * We made a some tweaks to the three year old white paper. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a list

Tezos: Philosophy and Values

This is meant to be a concise guide to the principles and values we hope to see embodied by the Tezos network. A longer, more detailed version of this list...

Hard-Fork Politics

Like an idol with feet of clay, the oft-touted mathematical immutability of blockchains stands on a weak foundation so long as hard forks remain a possibility. Indeed, the rules of...

Smart contracts: Turing completeness & reality

The meltdown of “The DAO” and, more recently DDOS attacks on Ethereum have spurred a debate on the wisdom of “Turing completeness” in smart contract languages. Tezos, a cryptographic ledger...

Thoughts on “the DAO”

An exciting glimpse into the future that ultimately falls a bit short